Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dedication to Quality, Love for the Art....

Leonard Hon was a small town boy with big dreams on his shoulder; a video camera and the passion for the art of videography. He would eventually grow to study and graduate from the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) with a major in Video Production, during which his penchant for working with a video camera has already blossomed - shown in his winning of the Drama Department’s Music Video Award in 1998, where he won the awards for Best Videography, Best Directing and Best Art Direction, aside from a nomination for Best Video Editing.

Upon graduation, Leonard joined ESPN Asia (located in Singapore) where he worked as a studio and ENG cameraman, furthering knowledge on his craft. In the two years under ESPN, he handled the studio lighting and operated broadcast pedestal camera.

Returning to Malaysia, Leonard headed out as a freelancing videographer where he would provide videography services for events, corporate videos and his first ventures into wedding videos. Leonard would eventually join and work with MiTV as Senior Video Editor, while continually doubling as a freelance wedding videographer behind work hours.

It is at this time when Leonard realized that the country is short of competent and passionate people in the wedding video industry, and after MiTV dissolved he started a full time videography business where he quickly began focusing more towards shooting weddings; an art that he fell in love in his earlier videography days.

Leonard’s approach to wedding videos is to capture the subtle stories of each wedding, making every wedding video he shot unique to the wedded couple. He narrates each scene with passion and an eye for details, making sure that every precious moment is captured in clarity along with its emotional depth and significance. With his dedication to quality, and his unending love for the art, Leonard’s videos transcend beyond what that is merely a ‘video’ of the occasion; he captures the moments, stories and the heart.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bryan + Coco - SDE | Wedding in HD, Leonard Hon Videography

It was great filming Bryan & Coco's wedding, simple but full of excitement.
Time is running out for SDE due to unknown system error, highlight rushed within 3 hours!!!

Cher Chieh +Sek Ling | Wedding Video highlight 17.4.2010

Chinese Wedding "Gate-crashing games and tea ceremony"...