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Church Wedding Ceremony - Edgar & Joanne 1.9.2012 A Beautiful Church Wedding Cremony Highlight of Edgar & Joanne, the ceremony held at Holy Family Church Kajang, the A 100+ Year History...Catholic church of the Parish of Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Blissful Interracial Marriage / Intercultural marriage - Arul & Jecynda

Blissful Interracial Marriage - Arul & Jecynda A blissful Interracial Marriage. Wedding Reception Highlight - Arul & Jecynda 18.3.2012 — with Leonard Hon at Ciao Ristorante.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Malaysia Hindu Wedding Ceremony of Kumar & Vani - 29.8.2012 SDE

Hindu/ Indian Wedding Ceremony of Kumar & Vani - 29.8.2012 SDE Sri Vengadajalapathi Temple, Batu Caves, Wedding malaysia.

Pre Wedding Video Malaysia by Leonard Hon

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李奥纳.红-录影培训班2013!Leonard Hon Apprentice Training Program 2013

Apprenticeship is an on-the-job training program for people who want to work in a skilled trade or occupation and includes learning new skills from skilled journeypersons. Apprenticeship training provides access to well-paying jobs that demand a high level of skill, judgement and creativity. Apprentices are paid while gaining work experience, and their wages increase with their level of skill. 学徒培训班,是给想专职在专业领域,职业,工作,学习新的技能,由熟练的,有经验专人给予的在职培训计划。 学徒培训提供了高薪的工作机会,需要一个高层次的技能,判断力和创造力。 学徒的工资是由在获得工作经验和技能水平的提高下, 他们的工资也相对的提高。

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Great Hindu Wedding : Pravin Raj & Nivashini - 19.8.2012, SDE.

Indian / Hindu Wedding Ceremony Malaysia. A Hindu wedding is thought to be the bringing together of two people who are said to be compatible. Hindu wedding ceremonies are traditionally conducted at least partially in Sanskrit, the language of most holy Hindu ceremonies. The local language of the people involved is also used since most Hindus do not understand Sanskrit. Hindus have many rituals that have evolved since traditional times and differ in many ways from the modern western wedding ceremony and also among the different regions, families, and castes. The Hindus attach a lot of importance to marriages, and the ceremonies are very colourful and extend for several days. {Hindu wedding, From Wikipedia}

Beautiful Telugu Wedding ceremony of Rukesh Rao & Thamayenthi

Rukesh Rao & Thamayenthi Appalanayader were both solemnized on 4.03.2012 at Bangunan Peladang Jalan Templer.This is the highlights video of the their beautiful Telugu wedding ceremony. Hindu Wedding, Indian Wedding, Tamil Wedding, Hindu Wedding Video, Indian Wedding Video, Tamil Wedding Video, Hindu Wedding Videographer, Indian Wedding Videographer, Tamil Wedding Videographer, Hindu Wedding Cinematographer, Indian Wedding Cinematographer, Tamil Wedding Cinematographer, பாரம்பரியமான இந்திய திருமண / இந்து மதம் திருமண திரைப்படவியல், indian wedding traditions, indian wedding what to wear, indian wedding ceremony, indian wedding videos, indian wedding blog, indian wedding games, indian wedding songs, indian wedding tumblr, indian wedding photography, indian wedding video vimeo, indian wedding video and photography, indian wedding video backgrounds, indian wedding video production, hindu wedding vows, hindu wedding dresses, hindu wedding food, hindu wedding decorations, hindu wedding invitations, hindu wedding rituals, hindu wedding video, indian wedding video templates, indian wedding video music, indian wedding video background music, hindu wedding photography, indian wedding video, hindu wedding video vimeo, hindu wedding video for children, wedding video sample hindu wedding, sikh wedding video, hindu wedding ceremony highlights, tamil wedding invitations, tamil wedding songs, tamil wedding cards, tamil wedding wishes, tamil wedding customs, tamil wedding instrumental music, tamil wedding songs list, tamil wedding dates.

Edwin Gerard + Dharmeswari | Malaysia Church Wedding Highlight

A church wedding ceremony + wedding Reception of Edwin Gerard + Dharmeswari . Wedding Ceremony held at Church of ST. Thomas More Subang Jaya. Wedding Reception at Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Brent & Sabrina | Malaysia Church Wedding by Leonard Hon

Brent & Sabrina church Wedding ceremony on the 14th July 2012. This is their wonderful wedding day's highlights.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Najwa & Megat | The Akad Nikah

Akad Nikah Najwa & Megat pada 8 Jun 2012.
Berikut adalah Video Highlight Majlis Pernikahan Najwa & Megat.
Main Cinematographer : Leonard Hon
2nd and 3rd Cinematographer: Gan & Aun

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wedding Ceremony Highlight of Aravindra & Shalini. This is the highlights video of the their Hindu wedding ceremony. Wedding Cinematography by Leonard Hon & Team. Wedding Photographer: Zach Chin & team. Wedding Hall: Taipin Town Hall

Friday, April 20, 2012

" Alagana Tirumaṇam "!!! - Hemashaleni & Sunesh

Highlights of Indian (Hindu) wedding at Ipoh, Malaysia. A beautiful hindu wedding of Hemashaleni & Sunesh.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Beautiful"!!! Malayalee wedding...Malayalee Wedding Surendran + Kamachi by Leonard Hon

Malayalee Wedding Ceremony of Surendran & Kamachi on 6 Feb 2012 at Dewan Thirumagal, Klang.

Malayalee wedding is a very short and crisp ceremony, which is held in the morning. The most preferred location to conduct a typical Malayalee wedding is the maternal house of the bride. However, with the passing time, people are opting for a more convenient venue for both the families of the bride and the groom, say, the auditorium of a nearby temple or the temple itself.

Hindu Wedding Ceremony Highlight - Dr Thaya & Dr Mythiti

A Kluang Hindu Wedding Ceremony Highlight - Dr Thaya & Dr Mythiti.
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A Ceylonese Hindu Wedding Tales of Raj & Lina.

A Hindu Ceylonese Wedding Ceremony of Raj & Lina.
Ceylonese Wedding is very different from an indian wedding, This is the highlights video of their ceremonies, the celebrations included registration of marriage, wedding enegament, gold-melting ceremony and the traditional Hindu Ceylonese wedding ceremony was held at Sri Kandaswamy Temple in Scott Road, Brickfield.

A romantic number with a tranquilizing effect. A calm and subdued song that is likeable on the first hear. With Aalap Raju's playback voice and the chorus, the songs lingers on your mind.

Singer : Aalap Raju
Music Director : S. Thaman
Lyricist : Yugabharathi

Malaysian ceylonese wedding • Ceylonese Wedding in Malaysia.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Sri Kandaswamy Temple on Jalan Scott

The Sri Kandaswamy Temple on Jalan Scott

The Sri Kandaswamy Temple is one of the most prominent Sri Lankan Tamil or Ceylonese Tamil temple located along Jalan Scott. It is huge and showcases rich Tamil architecture and has become a popular tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur. This temple is 104 years old now. They provide religious services such as house warming ceremonies and child 31st day ceremony. The Kalamandapam hall which was officiated by the 2nd Prime Minister of Malaysia holds wedding ceremonies and is also owned by this temple.
Both the Sri Kandaswamy Temple and Buddhist Maha Vihara (Sinhalese) stand testament to the influence of the Sri Lankan/Ceylonese in Brickfields, who were brought in to work on the Malayan Railways before World War II.
A sprinkling of churches of different denominations can also be found here. Among the larger churches in the area are the Holy Rosary Church (est. 1903), Our Lady of Fatima, and the Zion Lutheran Church. Most of which are located along Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad. There is also an Indian orthodox church called the St. Mary's Orthodox Syrian Cathedral in Jalan Tun Sambanthan Satu.
There is a Surau (small mosque) located on Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad called Madrasatul Gouthiyyah. This mosque is mainly attended by Indian-Muslims, and the sermons are sometimes conducted in Tamil. Finally, another major landmark in Brickfields is the 50 year old Three Teachings Chinese Temple along Jalan Thambillay.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Win a Pre-wedding Videography by Leonard Hon for FREE!

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Indian Wedding Malaysia. Hindu Ceremony of Subash Raj & Priscila 14.11.2011

Indian Wedding Malaysia.
Hindu Ceremony highlight of Subash Raj & Priscila 14.11.2011.
Wedding Cinematography by Leonard Hon 7 Joshua Kok
Edited by Leonard Hon.
Song: Anbil Avan

南洋商报 NanYang Siang Pau Newspaper 人物志 "Leonard Hon"

"专业的婚礼录影师", 来形容我,个人会觉得比较贴切. :-)

写实主义的最高价值 : 客观 又无动于衷!.
当然对婚礼录影来说, 直接录影"直接影像", 没有手法与技巧的介入...相当难.
对于”美” 可以是摄影角度的美, 人物影像视觉上的美, 录影师镜头运作, 场面调度的美. 对与我个人来说, 可以感动到我, 又感动到新人的 有故事的”美”…是最有价值的.

投入影像工作十一年, 不算久. 把自己定位于”专职的婚礼录影师”是对自己的一种肯定.
梦想可以很简单, 能坚持的…必然有他存在的价值.

婚礼录影 肯定有它的专业度和市场价值.


Indian Wedding Hindu Ceremony in KLANG, Malaysia. "Madharasapattinam - Pookal Pookum"

"Cinematic" Indian, Hindu wedding ceremony of Prakash & Nanthinni. Wedding filmed at Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Klang, Thirunavukkarasar Hall on 19th Janauary 2011.

Produced by Leonard Hon ® |
Lovely couplei... a beautiful wedding .....and their culture is ancient

Indian Wedding Engagement Highlight by Leonard Hon
Indian Wedding Engagement Highlight. Kluang, Malaysia.
11.6.2011 Neelesh & Vidya.
Highlights of Indian (Hindu) wedding Engagement filmed at Kluang, Malaysia on 11th September 2011. Produced by Leonard Hon® |

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"A lor Star " Chinese Wedding! SDE 19.3.2011 Videography by Leonard Hon

Kuen Han & Jia Jie wedding Highlight SDE 19.3.2011. Alor Setar Malaysia.
Chinese marriage:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Traditional marriage rituals
A modern wedding held in a Ming Dynasty format. Chinese marriage became a custom between 402 and 221 B.C. Despite China's long history and many different geographical areas, there are basically six rituals, generally known as the three letters and six etiquette (三書六禮).

Arranging the wedding: Before wedding ceremony, two families would arrange a wedding day according to Chinese Tung shing, make sure the day is good for wedding in order to assure their good future would not be affected by choosing a bad day of wedding. In some cases there may be no auspicious dates and the couple will have to review their chose date range.
Wedding Ceremony: The final ritual is the actual wedding ceremony where bride and groom become a married couple, which consists of many elaborate parts:
Wedding Procession: The wedding procession from the bride's home to the groom's home. The procession consists of a traditional band, the bride's sedan, the maids of honor's sedans (if there are maids of honor), and bride's dowry in the forms other than money.
Welcoming the Bride: The wedding procession of the bride's family stops at the door of the groom's home. There are ceremonies to be followed to welcome the bride and her wedding procession into the groom's home, which varies from locale to locale.
Actual Wedding Ceremonies: Equivalent to exchanging vows in the west, the couple would pay respect to the Jade Emperor, the family deities (or buddhas and bodhisattvas), paying respect to deceased ancestors, the bride and groom's parents and other elders, and paying respect to each other.
Wedding banquet In Chinese society, the wedding banquet is known as xǐ-jǐu (喜酒, literally joyful wine), and is sometimes far more important than the actual wedding itself. There are ceremonies such as bride presenting wines or tea to parents, spouse, and guests.
Before modern times, women were not allowed to choose the person they married. Instead, the family of the bride picked the prospective husband. Marriages were chosen based upon the needs of reproduction and honor, as well as the need of the father and husband.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Indian Wedding" Cinematography - Suhan & Shamili. Song : Anbil Avan

This wedding was filmed at the Klang, The wedding ceremony was a traditional Hindu ceremony. It was a great wedding full of color, tradition and very fun to be a part of.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hindu Ceremony of Devendran & Logini 19.6.2011

Indian Wedding Malaysia.
Hindu Ceremony highlight of Devendran & Logini 19.6.2011 .
Wedding Cinematography by Leonard Hon & Team
Edited by Leonard Hon.
Song: Anbil Avan

Kolaveri Di MALAYSIA Flash Mob - Official Video HD 2012 by Leonard Hon

Kolaveri Flash Mob
KUALA LUMPUR - 21st Jan 2012


Leonard Hon Aun Edilson Lee Joshua

"Why this kolaveri di" (DigiTally Remixed)

Photography SU.G. PHOTOCRAFT

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cinematic Indian Wedding Video "Meherbaan" - Mahathevar + Kavitha : 6th Feb 2011

Indian wedding video montage - Mahathevar + Kavitha. Produced by Leonard Hon.
This asian wedding video showcases a beautiful Indian wedding taking place at Sri Ayyanareewarar Temple, Jalan Genting Kelang.
You are the language, I am the meaning
You are beauty, I am modesty

Without you I am landless,
Without you I am skyless

You are the rivers, I am the confluence
You are the new eve, I am the first season

Without you I am landless,
Without you I am skyless,
Without you I am landless,
Without you....

You are eulogy, I am grace
You are the palm, I am the toe
Today we will announce that we are one and will always stay one,
Even if a storm comes, we will never move from the path
We will colour this colourless world with love,
We will light up the lamp of faith, light will flow in every house

You are the vision, I am the sight
You are the sea, I am the shore
You are the language, I am the meaning
You are beauty, I am modesty

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wedding Reception l Sumitha & Vanji 27.3.2011

Wedding Reception l Sumitha & Vanji 27.3.2011. Wedding Dinner of Sumitha & Vanji 27 March 2011 at Tropicana Inn Johor Bahru.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

" A Thousand Years" Traditional Sri Lankan Sinhala Wedding

Wedding Ceremony Highlight of Channa & Bharathi - 1.9.2011
The wedding was done according to traditional Sri Lankan Sinhala rituals.Channa is a British Sinhalese and completed his Ph.D in Management.Bharathi is Malaysian Tamil and has completed her Medical Degree.They met on Facebook at 2007 November and begin seeing each other on January 2008.

The Church wedding Ceremony of Geophin & Rose - 20.8.2011

The wedding of Geophin & Rose - 20.8.2011
Wedding CInematographer: Leonard Hon & team
Make up Artist : Shindesu
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel.

BALI 2012 Pre Wedding Shoot, Only 2 slots available - with McCain Goh, Mabel Toh & Leonard Hon