Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Najwa & Megat | The Akad Nikah

Akad Nikah Najwa & Megat pada 8 Jun 2012.
Berikut adalah Video Highlight Majlis Pernikahan Najwa & Megat.
Main Cinematographer : Leonard Hon
2nd and 3rd Cinematographer: Gan & Aun


Hamish rue said...

Marriage in Muslim community is very interesting. Marriage will be called nikah in Muslim community. There is always fun when you watch it. This video is also interesting of nikah, videography is an art and it shown in this video.

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izlie said...

Very nicely taken... very sweet and brief.. what i like most is that videographers shoot not only the bride+groom but also the family members... the akad is there... the preparation, and the finishing.. very nice.. congrats...