Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Royal Malayalee Wedding of PREM n VANI, by Leonard Hon Wedding FIlms

A Royal Malayalee Wedding of PREM n VANI at GOLDEN STRAITS VILLAS BEACH RESORT. http://www.LeonardHon.com/. email: LeonardHon@hotmail.com sms: +6012-662 9200 Hindu Wedding, Indian Wedding, Hindu Wedding Videographer, Indian Wedding Videographer, Indian Wedding Cinematographer, THE MALAYALEE WEDDING The Malaylee wedding is short and sweet. The couple goes around the sacred fire thrice after which the groom places a yellow thread around the bride's neck. Following this the Kanyadannam/ Penkoda ceremony takes place where the father of the bride gives away his daughter to the groom. Thereafter the couple touches their foreheads together to symbolize the coming together of minds. Afterwards, the bride offers puffed rice in the ceremonial fire following which the groom places her foot on the grinding stone to symbolize the breaking of old ties and the joining of the two.
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